Medicare Supplement Plan N
Written by David Hecker

The Medicare Supplement Plan N is a cost effective Medigap solution, perfect for healthy Medicare beneficiaries
who want lower monthly premiums.  Plan N monthly premiums can be 25% less than Medicare Supplement Plan F,
and is perfect for seniors on a budget.

Plan N is also a good solution for people coming off of Medicare Advantage plans, and people who are familiar
with the cost sharing concept.  They will appreciate that they won’t have the network restrictions and additional
cost sharing  in a hospital.

The Plan N policyholder is responsible for meeting the Part B deductible (for the doctor – $183.00 in 2017) before
any co-insurance or co-payment is collected.  Once the deductible is met, the policyholder is responsible for up to
$20.00 per office visit and up to $50.00 for an emergency room visit (waived if admitted).  The policyholder must
pay the Part B co-payment of up to $20.00 for office visits, office consultations, or evaluation and management
visits.  The co-payment is not applicable to other charges such as lab work, X-rays, or durable medical
equipment.  The co-payment is applicable to each Medicare covered office visit, no matter how many office visits
are made in one day.  Online, telephone or telehealth services are not subject to the Plan N office visit co-

The plan N emergency room co-payment of up to $50.00 applies to the total Part B co-payment patient
responsibility  amount shown in the remittance advice.  When a covered emergency room visit does not result in
an inpatient hospital admission, Plan N policyholders are subject to the emergency room co-payment only, not
both the Plan N physician fee co-payment and the emergency room facility co-payment.

If a policyholder is admitted to an inpatient facility subsequent to the ER visit, and the care is paid under Medicare
Part A hospital impatient stay, then the Plan N ER co-payment is waived.  If the emergency room visit, including
physician and facility outpatient charges are paid under Part B, as they will be when the policyholder is not
admitted to an inpatient facility, then the Plan N Part B co-payment of up to 50.00 applies.  The ER co-payment is
applicable to each Medicare covered
The Plan N co-payments for office and ER visits do not apply to visits to urgent care facilities .  Office visits have a
smaller co-payment than ER visits, to encourage office visits where appropriate and discourage unnecessary
emergency room visits.

David Hecker is a Licensed Insurance Agent based in Texas. He specializes in Medicare Products. He is licensed
in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. He can be reached at (903) 918-9091 or Toll Free (877) 454-4959. E-mail: or on the web at:
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